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The Price is Right

The question we get asked most often is, “What’s my house worth?” Tax assessments, zillow “zestimates of value” and drive by appraisals are rarely accurate sources of market value. NH requires that all full blown appraisals be done by a licensed appraiser but NH real estate agents are allowed to perform a comprehensive market analysis (CMA) of your house. The experienced staff at Kanteres Real Estate is always pleased to prepare a CMA on your property and advise you as to the improvements you can make to prepare your house for a successful sale. Our recommendations may be as small as suggesting you de-clutter rooms or as large as proposing that you renovate your kitchen or bathrooms. But the most important recommendation we will make will be regarding pricing.
Today’s buyers are extremely knowledgeable about market conditions, structural/environmental issues and fair market value. It is our job to recommend a price that gets you the highest possible price for your house but that won’t discourage buyers from looking at your house or making a fair offer for it. While we have a vast array of resources us available to us through our multiple listing service, arriving at the right price cannot rely strictly on historical data or technological resources. A good assessment of value is part science, part art and often times the essential ingredient for determining the right price is having a strong, personal perception of where the true value lies. With a combined total of over 150 years of experience, we have seen so many homes, negotiated so many sales agreements, our visceral sense of value is as helpful as our interpretation of the comparable sales data in determining your home’s value. We look forward to putting all of our resources at your disposal.